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Journal of Manifestation #1

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Johnny Blue Star – Journal of Manifestation  #1
The Teachers of Gurdjieff – Part 1
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By Johnny Blue Star

I have decided to keep a kind of journal about Manifestation-  by which I mean the physicalization or making reality in the physical world or the world of human consciousness of preconceived goals or desires.

Although this is going to be a day-by-day journal, it is not so much as a record of what goals I manifest in my life, as a record of my ideas and insights about the process as well as some backward reflection of what led me into this curious project about understanding the concept of manifestation.   Join me here only if the subject passionately interests you- not just how things flower into reality, but why they flower- and if there is any reality to the idea that there is some legitimate way human consciousness can and/or should co-operate in the process. Join me with your comments and your sincere desire to partake of this process of understanding.

Can I say in the outset that I am not any kind of Master of Manifestation nor to I have a specific axe to grind- in terms of a pre-existing methodology or philosophy to draw exactly from?

I still have more questions than answers- and I am still experimenting with ideas after decades of trying to understand this process.

I suppose you could say that my interest in Manifestation goes back to years after I had studied with people associated with the Gurdjieff Foundation, people whose lives and experience- and insights into consciousness- had a profound effect on my own consciousness and experience.

As I mention in another blog, Straight On Until Morning – Regenesis– at one point I gave up my lifelong interest in writing to strictly pursue my spiritual interests.

My girlfriend in high school had given me a book called, In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky, which she inscribed with the seductive inscription,  “To Add to Your Confusion” – and it was this book, which I probably read in high school, but did not take super seriously, that I took to college with me.

In St. John’s College, where I would spend three and a half years, I met an older student named S. G. who tremendously interested me with his sophisticated focus on consciousness.  He was several years ahead of me but had actually been involved with something called the Gurdjieff Foundation in New York, which he told me was in a book called, New York Unexpurgated. S.G.’s field of interest was biology but his passion was the realization tangible truth via consciousness.

I began to take another look at Ouspensky- and I found a friend, A. A., who was also interested in consciousness but closer to my grade level and we used to go out on the lawn and talk about such matters and try to meditate, an effort I had been making unsuccessfully since I was fourteen.

At some point, I came across a book called The Teachers of Gurdjieff by Raphael LaForte.

By the time I read it, I had already become fascinated with Gurdjieff- and believed that somewhere in the mesh of the obviously scientifically fallacious use of elements like Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen, there was some kind of precise alchemical science, intentionally using biochemical symbols to mean something else.

Having been hooked on Gurdjieff, I was ready to be bought into LaForte’s story. Perhaps that’s a poor way of saying it, because what happened is very complex….

…and very much connected to the idea of Manifestation.

 To be continued….

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