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My name is Johnny Blue Star. I am the President of New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc., (www.newgalaxyenterprises.com) a media company. I founded this company to assist individuals and businesses to develop and promote original media content to perfect their personal or corporate vision, My goal is to translate my client’s media dreams, whether large or small, into a tangible, marketable reality, utilizing over thirty years of writing for media.  That is the mission for my company.

The mission for myself is to see both my clients’ dreams and my own dreams manifest in physical reality.

This blog , Journal of Manifestation, is one of a number of interrelated blogs related to individual and global transformation. Journal of Manifestation will talk, debate and analyze how dreams become reality and the role of the dreamer in the process. Another blog, Straight On Till Morning- Regenesis, talks about individual transformation- body, mind and spirit. My Anger Diary speaks about my struggle with one of my many roadblocks to manifestation, my anger and the lengths I am going to understand it and rechannel my energy productively. Even my business blog (New Galaxy Enterprises Updates), it is about how my ideas, actions and events that befall me intersect with my adventures of life, both personal and in business- and my efforts to create positive, nurturing outcomes that are aligned with my higher goals. These all are adventures in transformation.

My blogs are not meant to present me as an “expert” in “transformation” or “manifestation,” but rather as an invitation to dialogue about this slant on the adventure of life together with my readers. I admit to the gift or perhaps shortcoming (in some people’s eyes) of having some rather large ideas about mankind, consciousness and the possibility of a brighter future and I wish to share them, debate them and to finally integrate them into my best picture of who we are and what we need to do.

Everybody, no matter what they actually believe about reality, is concerned about the outcome of their innermost desires, their dreams, their aspirations. In my case, owing to my early interest in consciousness exploration and my assumptions about reality, I was literally forced to look for other dimensions besides consciousness expansion, which is a way I would characterize my first plunge forward in to understanding higher reality.

One can be concerned with manifestation only on a personal level, or one can be concerned on other levels.  I am personally concerned over social and environmental issues but,  I believe that only by mobilizing massive social action based on a powerful change in  human consciousness can the world’s political climate be compelled to act in the real interest of humanity and the planetary survival. As Jefferson pointed out, an “informed citizenry” is the bulwark of democracy. I would like to say that a “conscious citizenry” is even better.

The mission for myself is to see both my clients’ dreams and my own dreams manifest in physical reality.

I have always believed in transformation   the possibility for the evolution of a person, a country, a business, a planet and even a galaxy into a higher level of reality with a functionality and commitment more suited to the direction and purpose of a Higher Power.  Although I write in many different styles and formats, I have always been personally shaped by my absorption, even as a child, in the idea of a spiritual path.

And, in order to be reborn or be regenerated, what I call here, “regenesis,” into a new kind of person or entity, there often must be the death of the old and sometimes one must move past an undiscovered country of darkness. Hence, the challenge of human existence.

I like to think I am one of many working in that direction.

My Biography

Believe it or not, my parents wanted me to be a writer before I was born, even giving me a  ‘pen name’ as a middle name so I could change it later on. I was born on August 5th, 1945, the very day (with a consideration for the International Dateline) that the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The day I was born in a hospital in Tinker Field Air Force Base my father was given his Captain’s Wings and I was given a tiny replica of those wings. To me, this event was not sanguine and the conjunction of the event and my birthday was like some kind of portent, a sign that whatever I did in my life, I would have to somehow take account of the w consciousness that was responsible for initiating genocidal, even suicidal weapons of mass destruction. This concern was compounded by the fact I that many of my relatives, only a few years before I was born, were killed in concentration camps and in the Warsaw ghetto.

In high school, I found myself drawn to poetry- starting with beat poetry, but soon graduating to sonnets, formal verse and neoclassical poetry. From there, it was a step to integrating theatre with poetry and a desire to become a verse dramatist- roughly, but not structurally, in the direction of Yeats and Elliot. At that point, I saw the revelatory consciousness I experienced through poetry and theater, as a kind of door to Truth.

Later on, I rejected this concept of Truth- and began to seek a higher level of Truth through meditation and consciousness exploration. This led me at one point to give up painting, play and songwriting and purely seek self-transformation through consciousness. When I found what I was looking for, I began to rebuild my career aspirations- only to find that the foundations I had laid were inadequate and circumstance, perhaps Fate,  made me begin the process of rebuilding myself once again.  My life has been one of dramatic and sometimes violent retransformations of myself and my world.

Rebuilding and transforming my personal world has happened in conjunction with my work as a writer and artist, media sales person, journalist, producer and talk-show host- in addition to acting and writing songs. My ups and downs in life have given me a unique perspective in what it takes to be successful- defined here as having the capacity to fulfill one’s real dreams.

My Mission as an Artist

One of our main interests is assisting in the creation of book and film franchise packages. I offer the clients the ability to create a full-length screenplay and/or book, within approximately 3-6 months. This effort includes a commitment to your project that demands from me the utmost in depth, speed, accuracy and creativity.

I am a freelance writer, specializing in the development of film and book franchise packages but serving my clients, businesses and creative individuals with a wide range of content. This content ranges from comprehensive PR writing services to commercial copyediting, to book and screenplay collaborations to web content development and an array of varying types of scripting projects, including TV and animation pilots. In addition to freelance writing, I also am interested in collaborative projects with an active investor with a specific vision of his project or an interest in investing his marketing or content development skills in one of my still ongoing projects..

I am also a songwriter, partnering with Edgar Arens, a Russian composer, who also scores for TV and films.  You can now hear our first song at www.christmasinyoureyes.com, where it is performed beautifully by Patricia Welch.

You can reach me at cvnewz@aol.com.
 My Skype ID is:  johnny.blue.star
Visit my website at http://www.newgalaxyenterprises.com


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