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Journal of Manifestation #4

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Johnny Blue Star – Journal of Manifestation  #4
The Teachers of Gurdjieff
 – Part 4
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By Johnny Blue Star

I did not really believe Mr. D’s contention that the Gurdjieff tradition was very much alive and well in New York City but I was ready to give it a try. Very soon afterwards, I began to meet with them once a week and I was given a very simple exercise to start. Nowadays, we would call this a mindfulness exercise.

Most of the exercises were related to one thing-  staying in the present moment. I really was surprised at this type of exercise for in all my study of meditation, I had never thought of paying attention to the moment.  Remember, this was before Baba Ram Dass wrote his book called “Be Here Now” and the main wave of so-called “spiritual experience” was based on psychedelics with a tiny bit of meditation practices beginning to impinge on things happening throughout the United States.

One day when I was sitting talking to Mr. and Mrs. D., a wave of energy seemed to overtake me and I suddenly realized, sitting in their comfortable apartment in New York, that I was embroiled in a higher level of consciousness. I then started to laugh, perhaps because of the irony of the length of my search and the surprise that I would find it under these rather ordinary circumstances.

I could not believe it after all those years of study and attempting to meditate, I was finally finding a new consciousness without sitting in any pseudo-lotus position, doing pranayama (yogi breathing) or focusing on some object. I was soon to find that my whole understanding of consciousness mostly derived from books would change in some amazing ways.

I have put this little story in my Journal of Manifestation because when I started out on my Quest, I put it before anything and everything else. I was ready to give up everything to find the Path- but once I did, it was different than anything I imagined and its reality continues to amaze me.

So, in a way, I consider this my most profound manifestation- a taste of consciousness and an introduction for a whole new perspective on reality that would constantly shift and change over the years.

I now recall one of my favorite quotations from scripture: Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all else will be granted unto You.

I was soon to find the importance of that little caveat of ‘righteousness’ as I began to investigate what all this meant.

In my next blog on Manifestation, I shall do a bit of a fast forward and discuss some of my more recent discoveries since I last wrote something in 2012.




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