Journal of Manifestation #3

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Johnny Blue Star – Journal of Manifestation  #3
The Teachers of Gurdjieff
 – Part 3
A New Galaxy Enterprises Blog
By Johnny Blue Star

After seeking the true heirs of the Gurdjieff teaching, having been inspired by a book called the Teachers of Gurdjieff by Raphael LaForte, I decided to study Persian.  I was
referred to an American couple, Mr. and Mrs. D. D., who claimed that I didn’t have to Iran or the Middle East to find the true teachings of Gurdjieff. They denied that Raphael’s account was accurate. The Gurdjieff tradition was alive and well in New York.

Having been committed for such a long time to my quest, it was hard to believe them. Imagine, I had spent many years, since I was fourteen, trying to get to a new realm of experience through natural means. Finally, I found a route, but now I was told to question it.

Let us look at what happened from the standpoint of “Manifestation.” I had a dream- of being able to reach a higher state of consciousness- but all my knowledge came from books and fruitless hours trying to meditate. And, finally, when I was quite sure of my direction, the rug was pulled from under me.

In my life, there have been many examples of things manifesting related to my dreams, but not manifesting in exactly the same way. Sometimes, this has brought outright failure, but sometimes it has brought great satisfaction and achievement.

In this case, I kept on visiting the Persian teacher with Mr. and Mrs. D. He was an ex-minister of education of Iran under a former regime (before the Shah) and was a very educated man who had memorized volumes of Persian. I found that the Iranians I met often knew a great deal of Persian and the Farsi language- owing to its verb endings- was a great vehicle for poetry.

I had already studied Persian and knew a bit. But under my new teacher and a year or so in Columbia University, studying the language, I began to lose what I had. I just was not driven by the academic methods of language study.

So, while the Persian was going too well, something happened to me when I became more open to Mr. D., a small event that would soon drastically change my life

 To be continued….

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Johnny Blue Star


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