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Journal of Manifestation #2

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Johnny Blue Star – Journal of Manifestation  #2
The Teachers of Gurdjieff
 – Part 2
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By Johnny Blue Star

As I mentioned in my last blog, while still in St. John’s College, I came across a book called the Teachers of Gurdjieff by Raphael LaForte. Having been intrigued by the description of Gurdjieff’s work in In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky, but also by an autobiographical book by Gurdjieff called Meetings with Remarkable Men, I had come to the conclusion that this Path, called the Fourth Way, was where I was headed.

Utilizing the language of Ouspensky, one could say I had formed a “magnetic center,” a set of ideas, terminology and passionate interest in Gurdjieff’s ideas, which in In Search, set a person on a course to attract the help he might need to find a ‘school’ whose  teaching were derived from an ‘esoteric center,’ from a real cosmic connection to Source of all things.

I was, indeed, passionate about my quest because I was willing to put my writing and political interests on hold, everything on hold, to find the answers I was looking for.

The LaForte book was a kind of autobiography of a seeker on a quest to find Gurdjieff’s teachers, claiming that Gurdjieff was part of a system of Sufi Orders whose primary home was in the Middle East and described a visit to various Sufi Masters who spoke Arabic and Persian, but primarily seemed to quoting Sufi works like Khayyam, Attar or Rumi, who wrote in Persian. In preparation for my explorations, I decided that I had to know Persian.

As you will see, my  girlfriend’s  little description in the book she gave me in high school, “To add to your confusion,” was right on target.

So I left St. John’s, dropping out in my senior year to try to find the Teachers of Gurdjieff. To prepare myself, I decided to visit my friend, S. N., at Yale. S. N. lived on a floor of Morse College, where I visited for quite a few months, studying Persian there with a local college student, originally from Iran. Although I made progress in my study of Persian, I was restless to move on and continue my search so I decided to move to New York to launch my expedition to the Middle East.

To this end, I knew I needed to continue my study of Persian so I called the Iranian Embassy and was given the name of an American named D. D., who apparently was studying with someone who knew Persian.

I remember distinctly meeting D.D. and his wife, W. D., and driving with them to New Jersey to meet their teacher. On the way, while driving over the George Washington Bridge, I believe, they asked me why I wanted to study Persian.

I then related to them how I had found this book that told about the teachers of Gurdjieff and how the Gurdjieff Foundation that existed in the West had lost contact with the true ‘esoteric center’ and the source of the teachings.

Mr. D. then said a very peculiar thing, which was echoed by his wife.  He said, “The Gurdjieff work is not dead. We know this for a fact because we have been members of the Gurdjieff Foundation for many years.”

To me, this was a great shock since I had now been preparing to go to the Middle East and give up everything in order to further this goal.

I don’t think I ever used the word, ‘Manifestation,’ back then, but I did know about synchronicity and, in my quest for finding the teachings of Raphael LaForte, I had stumbled on people who not only denied the truth of his book, but claimed to be heirs to the true teaching.

I never knew what a long and winding road I had stumbled on… so I went on to my first formal lesson in Persian by a new teachers, staggered by the possibilities of finding the Truth in my own backyard.

 To be continued….

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